CHM Guest - a free companion app for Quest and Android (flatscreen)


This is a free version of custom home mapper without the ability to create your own apartment/host an online meeting space. If there is nobody online to host a space then the guest app wont be able to do anything. If you already have the full mapper program installed, there is no need for you to install this version.

You CAN send this to your friends, they can install it on their quest or android phone, and then you can setup a time for them to come see the virtual home you have created and play games in your house together.


ANDROID PHONE (flatscreen) LINK:

*Android app allows a 3rd person 'streamer' view option.

I will be updating this companion app along with the main release, though probably not as often.

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..................... I bought Custom Home Mapper. . It does not work for my quest 2, I have connected to my pc and tried side quest ,. It downloads the file but doesn't Install to my quest 2 headset ., I looked for it in "unknown source" . . with no luck. please help me install it.

hey gedinson.

So, to clarify: when you run sidequest on your PC, connect your quest, all shows connected, yes? There's a button on the top menu (used to be a little square with arrow on it" that allows for "install from .apk on my computer " 

Is that how you installed?

March9, updated Visitor app to v3


Jan17 - updated, link changed in the post.

Fixed problem where the keypad input buttons just didn't work. User should now be able to join a game using the 4 digit ID # that the host is given.

Where do you enter this code

hey Hollie. 

Two ways to get into multiplayer menu, either on your left wrist watch menu, or on the console in the full game. 

But if there aren't any hosts online, you won't see the buttons for "join random" or "join with code" . You might need to coordinate with other users on the discord group to set a time, multiplayer isn't very active these days.