AR & PASSTHROUGH mode (Finally!)

First of all, to everyone who has had to struggle through a confusing blind setup process for the last 8 months, I'm sorry. It sucked. Thanks for having faith in this app anyways.

Today is a new day. Finally, CHM works with the new passthrough and AR features.  You can see your home while mapping out walls and objects, and the games have new elements that take advantage of these AR potentials.

You will need to enable 'experimental mode' before running the app (an ADB command, or a sidequest toggle, this will reset on power off) Once set, you can activate Passthrough & AR  mode in the Loading Screen (press any key) or in the options/menu screen.

Major changes:

Passsthrough camera and wireframe during mapping setup modes.

Home Builder - two new AR objects with the lighting prefabs. Allows you to add window or flat surface as a passthrough portal.

UltraToasty & Vortex - Full AR mode, a version of the game that takes place entirely in your home.

Explosive, Lightspeed, Castle, Turf War, MechMaster - Mixed AR modes, blending the gameplay with visual elements of your passthrough environment.

Golf has been temporarily removed. Bascially, this update required a change to C++, and not everything works properly. I had to work out a tonne of bugs, a few remain (castle dude animations are broken, haptics cut out sometimes, textures are all lower-res) but golf is unplayable. It will return shortly, with a nice AR mode as well.

Technically, this now runs on a new kind of insight tracking system that 'should' mean less tracking errors when moving between rooms. cross your fingers :)



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Sep 15, 2021

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Hi, what about Oculus Quest 2 support, is it working?

yes indeed! why wouldn't it work?