Demo is online for testers

I'll try to keep you updated on my To-do list, but it looks like this:

- Shield taken damage, shoot sparks in cockpit.

- tweak Local multiplayer for Paid version, find more beta testers.

- Gun empty effect? add whine when trigger slightly pulled and a shot is ready,

- Ship has a new function, assist controller. Setup code for priorities, affect fighter only. Just 10sec delay, then check/reassign
prioritize bombers / Priority fighters. (NOT YET IMPLEMENTED)

- DRONES - spawn on ships, make rotate work.... now they are closer and smaller. still need to do the raycast testing to check if it should fire. Also, need to do parenting stuff with the shots otherwise they drag.

-Fix grappler not off when ejecting enemy

- Alarm beep when no sheild ship near death

-EXPLOSIONS -ships need more boom
Need "smoke" effect added into new containers, emit from ship. Add similar container for blue ships, more white particles.
Bigger explosions need work. 
Blue Mothership boom needs to be glorious.

- EJECTING - good enough but new bug, it is fucking up pause menu/cam positioning. Might fix with delay tweak. Or just fix in pause, leave player in slightly diff position? Also, maybe maybe remove player collider briefly? 
Or fly camera back to player cenyer? Yep. FigurE out what, exactly, is being decentered and rotated bad. Maybe just fix in pause menu? I think reboarding ship fixes it.

- BOARDING -red cockpit. Add explosion to internal cockpit.

- Gun Grapple point bigger. Still having ocasional errors/clips. Larger hitbox? Slightly Slower speed?
- Smooth speed increase.

Fucking fadeouts? Please?

- SHIP INTERIOR Rethink ship interior cockpit. 

- HELMET GUI Comms go down if ship knocked out.

- Ship explode sucks. One big chunk stays still....

- Mothership still getting stuck
- Ships clip into mesh a lot.
- Smooth camera rotation for boarded ships.

- Leaderboard show dead player.

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Mar 16, 2018

Get Space Pilot Alliance - [Vive]

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