A downloadable VR Space Sim

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""UPDATE: Demo available for beta-testing. Official v1.0 demo with a new promo trailer will be announced soon, this is a slightly-buggy pre-release :) Thanks for taking a look!""

Space Pilot Alliance is a slow-paced strategic space-fighter sim. Just setup your teams with bombers and fighters and then dive into the action, pilot your
ship around the station, watch your radar and lock onto enemies. With
two powerful lazers and a 50-meter 'fast boost' teleport, winning the
battle is a matter of carefully planning your attacks, keeping distance
from bombers and chasing down enemy fighters as they dodge and weave
through space. Adjust power to different components of the ship:
shields, blaster recharge, boosters, and check the live map for
positioning info. Make smart choices. Stay alive. Defend the station!

Your ship is equipped with an intelligent autopilot, so if pilot life isn't
for you, hit the EJECT button! Your grappling-gun can get you around on
the battlefield faster than your main ship can, or grapple onto another
ship to take a ride. In first-person mode, your main blaster can still
do damage to enemy fighters (not nearly as much as those lazers on your
ship, though!) so even if you lose your main ship, you can still
influence the battle and guide your team to victory! When an enemy ship
reaches low health, you can board the ship yourself and reprogram the
autopilot to start fighting for your team.

There are dozens of ways to play the game, but only the most skilled pilots will stand a chance on the highest difficulty settings.

Good luck out there.
Defend your station!

Install instructions

Unzip and Launch, runs on SteamVR (not tested on Rift)


SpacePilotAlliance_DEMO.zip 64 MB

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